International Union Of Photographers


General Introduction

The distinctions of International Union Of Photographers are established to honor individual achievement in photographic field. Everyone, no matter amateur or professional photographers worldwide who take part in the exhibitions of IUP patronage will be scored and ranked in IUP Honor List. To be titled with IUP distinctions of HIUP, EIUP, MIUP and GAIUP, one should be with IUP membership firstly, either ordinary member or lifelong member. An integrated public exhibition for photographers with IUP Distinctions will be held in China every year. 

Score Rules

All record comes from the exhibitions recognized by IUP, which can be checked in IUP Recognition List.The final score and distinctions can be checked in IUP Honour List.

  •  Gold Medal Award – 15 points
  •  Silver Medal Award – 10 points
  •  Bronze Medal Award – 8 points
  •  Honorable Mention – 5 points
  •  Other award – 5 points
  •  Acceptance – 1 point

Distinctions Requirment

HIUP Honorable IUP :  50 points in IUP Honour List Or 5 awards, 5 representative works.

EIUP Elite IUP :  200 points in IUP Honour List Or 15 awards, 15 representative works.

MIUP Master IUP :  500 points in IUP Honour List Or 30 awards, 30 representative works.

GAIUP Great Achievement IUP : 1000 points in IUP Honour List Include20 awards, 50 representative works.

Eg.  for HIUP, 50 acceptances or 1 gold medal award with 35 acceptances, etc.

        for EIUP, 200 acceptances or 10 honorable mention with 150 acceptances, etc.

All the “awards” mentioned above is counted independently, regardless of Medal or HM, means if one applies for an IUP distinction based on the number of award he/she achieves, then the acceptance status can be ignored. Only for GAIUP, the total points and award status are considered together.

  •  The distinctions must be applied one by one, skipping grade is notallowed.
  •  Application form for membership and distinctions can be found in the Download zone in IUP website.
  •  Application form and representative works must be sent to:
  •  Fee for distinctions is $50 per grade, paid to PAYPAL account:
  •  Applying for IUP Distinctions means the applicant agrees his/her works to be used for public show and presswork free of charge.
  •  IUP will not use theseworks for commercial purpose.

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