International Union Of Photographers

New Rules of IUP Patronage


1.          Application form shouldbe sent together with a draft of conditions of entry in English.

2.           The following statement mustbe included in the conditions of entry:

             “Allacceptances will count for “IUP Honor List” and “IUP Distinctions”. “

3.           IUP Logo and IUP Recognition Identification must be posted in the conditions of entry or salon official website.

4.           Recognition fee for one exhibition is $88 regardless of a single salon or a circuit.

5.           Fee for Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal is $25 for each. $3 for each Ribbon.

6.           For each medal ordered, followed with 1 free IUP Green Ribbon.

7.           Fee for a set of IUP medals (Gold, Silverand Bronze) is $60.

8.           Each section shouldbe applied with at least 1 Gold Medal.

9.           The organizer will receive the “Recognition No. ”after payment completed.

10.        A final version of conditions of entry with IUP Logo and Recognition No. should be sent back.

11.        Recognized salon information will be showed on IUP Exhibition List for all visitors.

12.        The full result and status ofexhibition in XLS. format must be sent to IUP Secretary within 1 month after judging.

13.        The catalogue (printed,CD/DVD, e-catalogue……) must be sent to IUP Secretary after exhibition.

14.        By submitted this application, the organizer of exhibition accepts the regulations of IUP patronage. The rules above will be executed under the supervision of IUP Patronage Board. Organizers who violate the rules will be rejected for next application.

15.        The new rules of IUP Patronage will be taken into effect from August 1st.

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